Necode Electronics: A Division of Rhodes Electronics, Inc.


The Necode 322 AR "Ringer"

Long Range Communications without

Constant Radio Monitoring.



No need for constant radio monitoring- Frees station personnel for other duties.

Specifically designed for use with any HF SSB Radio Equipment

Selective calling of any remote station.

Automatic acknowledgement to ensure station received transmitted signal.

Codes up to 9999.

Self Testing in the field.

Thoroughly tested including a minimum of 240 hour burn-in before unit leaves the factory.

Reliable Service since 1976.

Full two year limited warranty on both parts and labor.



    The Necode 322AR "Ringer" is designed to keep remote radio stations in constant contact without the worry of schedules or continuous radio monitoring.  Just select any designated station, enter their receive code and transmit.  The called unit will sound an audible alarm and display a digital readout of the incoming communication.

    The audible alarm may be programmed for either a short or continuous signal.  In either case the digital readout will remain displayed until the unit is reset.  Even if personnel are temporarily away the calling units identification code will remain displayed to alert them upon their return.  Terminals are also provide for installation of external alarms where required.

     Additionally, the "Ringer" has automatic acknowledgment to  ensure the called unit actually received the transmitted signal.  When the unit receives a signal it automatically keys down and transmits an audible signal back to the calling unit for verification.

     A unique feature of the Necode 322AR "Ringer" is its self testing capability.   Just remove the RP plug from the back of the unit, enter the units own code, and transmit. If the unit is operational it will sound an audible alarm and display its own identification code.

      Everything required for installation is included with the 322AR.  A qualified technician can install the unit on any HF SSB radio quickly and easily.  The 322AR "Ringer" is the most reliable and economical means of long range communications available on the market today.

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